Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Visa for Turkmenistan

To get a Turkmenistan-Visa we applied in Teheran do the first step.

You need all the following things:
1. A copy of passport of applicant (colorcopy, it doesn't work with b&w copy)
2. A copy of Uzbekistan visa or Kazakhstan visa (colorcopy)
3. Filled up application form of the embassy (you get it there)
4. A written request adressed to the visa section of the Turkmenistan embassy:
  **Fullname( of applicant)
  **Entry date
  **Exit date

We added that we would like to catch our visa in Mashad and wrote one letter for there people.
There are written opening hours, but as we were there they opend the first time 40minutes after the time and then they opend 2 times more the last time at 12.30 (opening hour at this day: 9.30-11.00)

In Mashad we got our visa with filling out a form we got there and one picture. We delivered this and the 55$ at 9am and got the finished visa at 1pm. Write on the application forms where you want to enter. This is mentioned on the visa and is binding. (We met a german guy and a swiss girl who have to cross the border direction Asgabat.(Howdan))

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