Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018

Entering Karabakh by bicycle via Sotk pass

You don't need a Visa in advance for Karabakh. You just have to register in Stephanakert.

We entered Karabakh via the Sotk pass from Vardenis and Lake Sevan. At the Top of the Pass there is no Checkpoint or Bordercontrol.
The Checkpoint is about 17km and around 800m of beautiful downhill after the pass.
There you have to show your passport and say where are you going. We said Stephanakert and then we had to name a hotel where we gona stay. You don't have to go to this hotel, they don't check. Our passports got scanned and somehow registered and we got a small paper with the adress of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where you have to get your Visa. (Azatamartikneristreet 28) It was no problem that we did not go to the Minestry the same day. We camped besides the road on the way to Stepanakert.
We got our Visa at Saturday at around eleven o'clock. It was a 10 Minute thing. You just have to fill a form, where you gona stay (It's still not mandatory to really go there.) and which cities you are going to visit. A photo is not needed.
You have to pay 3000AMD (cash) each and get a registrationpaper clipped in the Passport and another paper which you need when you leave Karabakh.

The exit of Karabakh was a thing of two minutes. We came to the Border Control Point (which is at the last river befor the real border) and just had to show our Passport an the guy took the registration paper and we cycled off.

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